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Liz Clark

Episode #297: Liz Clark, CEO, IHRSA

We're excited to release our Oct 14th conversation with Liz Clark, the newly appointed CEO of IHRSA. She joined Pete for a HALO Talks live during the IHRSA...

Episode #170: Jay Wagnon, Wagnon Capital

"We test where we know we can be true to ourselves. Where we don't test is to go trying to be everything to everybody else," states industry veteran Jay Wagnon...

Episode #46: Caryl Baker Visage

Justin & Nathan discuss innovative action to being a service retailer in the health industry, and by leading with service first, then product and membership.

Episode #41: David Hardy from Franvest

"It all comes down to unit economics" - David Hardy, a Partner at @orangetheory Fitness & President of Franvest Capital Partners, as he discusses the rules and...