Home » Episode #260: Dr. Dan Reardon, Co-Founder & CEO, FitnessGenes
"Exercising at home is unstructured. As great as it is . . . there's nothing more beneficial than being in a gym with a good personal trainer . . . clarifying that what you've read online is what you should (or shouldn't!) be doing . . . I don't buy into the idea that gyms and health clubs are dead," says Dr. Reardon, Founder of FitnessGenes and long time fan of the industry. In this provocative, wide-ranging chat with Pete, they discuss his experience on the front lines battling COVID, the need for an aggressive, new global focus on how people take care of themselves, the dangers of over pathologizing "medical conditions," the importance of building resilience, the dangers of loneliness, vaccines and the critical need to "lose the conspiracies" around them and more!

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