Home » Episode #300: Darryl & David Bailey, Bailey’s Health & Fitness Founders

Darryl and David Bailey have been in the HALO sector for 40 years. The family business began in 1979 and they were way ahead of the curve with with regards to using software to manage their clubs. They even developed their own, a system called PSI Power Software.

Currently at 17 locations, they started small and eventually grew them into 20-40,000 square feet facilities and now completely dominate the Jacksonville, Florida area. Among many other topics in this wide ranging discussion with Pete--they discuss about how their demographic has skewed toward women versus when they first started, how the first four days back after they were allowed to reopen were the largest in the club's history, building brand loyalty, what their future plans are, advice for newer club owners, and more! 

Click here to download transcript. 

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