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Who doesn’t love good, healthy food? Better still, who doesn't love the option to have it delivered while also knowing that the restaurant (not Big Tech!) is getting their fare share of the profits.

Today’s episode of HALO Talks is made livelier and healthier by Josh Morgan, the founder of Sesame Order, a new marketplace created by a restaurant veteran squarely with other restaurant professionals in mind. Currently in approximately 250 restaurants in the NYC area, Sesame is still in beta and testing carefully, but by all signs, reception from both the restaurants and the consumers has been very positive.

"Sesame came about in a post-COVID world. We started to think about how fundamentally challenging being in the restaurant business is. And even when times are good, it's hard--but in the face of things like COVID we came to the realization that we needed to make some changes. Sesame was a response to the challenges that we've had as restaurant operators fighting against the aggregators in Silicon valley and big tech monopolizing our off-premise business," states Morgan.  

With honesty and transparency baked into their core values, Josh and his team plan on disrupting the status quo of the food industry for the sake of all stakeholders and to promote the betterment of the industry. Not an easy task to be sure, but they're well on their way.

We're big fans of what Sesame is trying to do. It's certainly a company to keep an eye on, and we encourage you to check them out if you're in the NYC area.  

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