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Hassan Shah is an avid gamer and entrepreneur from Pakistan who is passionate about the intersection between connected fitness, sports, and gaming. He's set out to transform the fitness market with an innovative open world game, mixing Peloton and Zwift, which (among many other things) creates an all-encompassing experience with a unique monetization system. His company is called X-Originz and based in the UK. They're currently looking to raise £2.7m to order their first batch of 10,000 bikes and take them to market. 

When it comes to starting a new business and the challenges it brings, Shah states, "Life is nothing without struggle. And that's always kind of stuck with me, and hopefully I'll pass that on to my children and we persevere and we keep going." 

Hassan took note of the rise and fall of Peloton, some of the shortcomings of Zwift, and set out to create an app that combined the two, providing an engaging gaming experience. With his vision of a centralized data system and a bike costing next to nothing, he has the potential to reach a very large market (starting in the UK initially) and provide a solution for those struggling with fitness.

In this episode, Pete and Hassan discuss: 

1. How gaming has evolved from a young age to its current state.

2. The potential of the metaverse to connect different worlds and gaming experiences.

3. Creating an accessible and engaging bike fitness experience through monetization, data, and a kids version.

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