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After decades of success in the fitness industry, George Jackson created TG-The Gym in 2018. It represents the next step in his career and a distillation of all he has learned. TG is an umbrella organization offering a license to independent gym owners with a tremendous number of benefits and proven business model that's readily deployable. 

George is a well known, long-time industry veteran who started with Gold's Gym around 1983. He's gone through multiple iterations over the years, taking what is useful and constantly refining his model . . . and it's working! Peter San Nicolas is the The Gym's first licensee. He's another industry pro who decided to rebrand his facility to The Gym-Ramona and he joins us on the podcast as well. 

George states, "Starting the brand in 2018, we just saw an opportunity, especially for people like Peter. You know . . . independent guys that would now have an opportunity to be supported with a bigger group. As Peter knows, I'm never gonna tell him what to do, but if he comes to me and asks, 'Hey, George, what do you think about this?' Or, 'Hey, George, you're doing it this way. Can you tell me more about that?' Obviously I can help. My goal is really to support each of these independent operators and Peter is a great one! I'm so fortunate to have him as our first, because I don't think I could have found a better first licensee in terms of somebody who has been doing it since 16 years and who also competes as a bodybuilder."

TG-The Gym is open to licensing its name and is doing a discovery day during IHRSA 2023. If you're an independent operator with 10,000 square feet or more with a strong focus on results, bodybuilding, body transformations, and serious fitness, definitely contact George to discuss how a rebranding to The Gym, along with all ancillary revenue opportunities and cost savings could be a fit. (visionplanet@msn.com)

In this episode, George and Pete discuss:

1. The unique licensing agreement that TG-The Gym has created to help independent operators rebrand and take their businesses to the next level. 

2. The multiple, ancillary benefits that come with joining TG and the potential of a grand reopening into "The Gym."

3. The advantages of being part of a team and how it can reinvigorate members, employees, business partners, and communities.

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  • George is a rare and true visionary. This was incredible and very informative, thank you very much!