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Rachel Begun, a respected nutritionist and dietitian, has a wealth of experience in the food and nutrition industry. With her Master's in Nutrition Education and background in PR, Rachel has developed a unique skill set that blends science-based nutrition knowledge with powerful communication strategies. Her expertise has led her to work with global food service manufacturers, food and wine retailers, and natural food brand startups. In recent years, she has transitioned into executive coaching, focusing on helping founders and executives build strong company cultures and effective leadership.

Begun found herself at a crossroads when two female entrepreneurs she was working with asked her to be their coach. Although initially hesitant due to lack of coaching experience, she became very intrigued by the impact her powerful questions had on the way founders viewed their own businesses. This set her on a path of self-discovery, led to many coaching certifications thereafter and now her current focus is on helping entrepreneurs build credibility through "vulnerability and transparency."

The Importance of Coachability
Coachability, an essential aspect of personal and professional growth, entails openness to feedback, introspection, and a commitment to positive change. Entrepreneurs who demonstrate coachability are better equipped to navigate the complexities of their industries and the internal workings of their businesses. A receptive attitude to coaching positively impacts an entrepreneur's ability to learn from others, align with industry trends, and adapt to shifting markets.

Rachel emphasizes the value of coachability among entrepreneurs, pointing out the need for individuals to be willing to put in the work and engage in honest self-assessment. Coaches can help provide valuable insights, but ultimately the impetus for change should come from within the individual. By being coachable, entrepreneurs can identify barriers to success, refine their problem-solving skills, and build stronger businesses poised for long-term success.

In this episode, Rachel and Pete discuss:

  • Discovering the key role of coachability and introspection to consistently advance your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Grasping the power of vulnerability and transparency in order to establish stronger relationships with stakeholders.
  • Emphasizing the importance of critical problem-solving skills and its impact on sustainable business growth.
  • Understanding the need to hire complementary talent in order to build a dynamic and proficient team.
  • How coaching can help overcome personal barriers and enhance success in the entrepreneurial world.

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