Home » Episode #200: Noa Shaw, Life Coach, Soul Cycle Instructor
They say truth is stranger than fiction, and Noa Shaw's incredible come back story certainly illustrates that. Noa grew up in NYC in the 70's, got involved with drugs, drug dealing, and eventually became a user himself. He ended up in rehab 13 times, survived 3 suicide attempts, contracts on his life, and more. "I was a crazy person. I don't know why I'm still here!" he says. After staying sober for 15 years, he slipped, spiraled again, recovered and became a rehab counselor . . . but his health began to suffer drastically. He walked into the first Soul Cycle in California, lost nearly 100lbs, and began teaching for them. His Mission is, "I'm here to help." Listen now to this incredible story! (Use the word HALO if you contact him and he'll give you 50% off his coaching rates.) *Explicit content*

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