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"People are recognizing the more they do things like massage, the more they can prevent injury, the more stress and tension they can reduce. . . and as the health care plans and employers start to subsidize, people will buy it more," states Samer Hamadeh, CEO. As a highly successful entrepreneur, Samer has taken ZEEL's massage on demand service to over 1 million massages, 3/4 of which are medically-related, pain management issues. ZEEL's growth has been tremendous. Venus Williams recently joined their board, and they're currently in 6 core cities with hundreds more seeded in the last 3 years. Currently, ZEEL is raising their Series C $25M round. Listen now to learn about their future plans, the continued rise of their B2B business, current deals with Hyatt, Amex and healthcare plans, how the recovery space is no longer a "vitamin" but is becoming the "aspirin" (in VC speak) and more! 

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